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Thank you so much for visiting my site. My photography has been described as many things, however, my favorite description is when a client or friend tells me that I have captured the true soul/spirit of a person, place, moment in time or event. The memories preserved in these "slice of life" moments are timeless and sometimes all we have to hold on to in regards to important life events.

I cover all manner of photography needs as I truly enjoy capturing a variety of moments; from a lonely sapling poking its head out of the thawing spring grounds to that moment when a crowd hits a fever pitch during a lavish event to an intimate moment between two lovers. Moments that are equally beautiful and powerful if respected and captured professionally and appropriately. 

I look forward to capturing your beautiful moments.

John Andrews

Social Palates Photography

Services provided include: Portraits, Glamour Shots, Fine Art Photography Sales, Event Photography, Family Photography, Engagement PhotographySmall Business Photography, Social Media Photography, Street Photography. 

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